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Sing YYYour Heart Out


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Dear Devoted Fans,
YYYs invite you to sing your heart out to our new single DESPAIR. If you can find the time in the intimacy of your wasted summer days and wasted summer nights please send in a submission of your heart felt performance of the following first verse:

With YOUR help we will narrow submissions down to 10 finalists and out of the ten choose the sweetest serenader to enjoy a very special YYY prize.

- Luv YYYs *A tip from Karen:
This is not about how perfect you sound or cute you look, this is about singing what's in your heart and having a good time doing it. Anyone who has the balls to put it out there is good in my book, haters be damned. This song is for you!

Don't despair
You're there
From beginning to middle to end
Don't despair
You're there through my wasted days , you're there through my wasted nights
Oh despair you've always been there, you've always been there, you've always been there,
You're there through my wasted years, through all of my lonely fears
No tears will run through my fingers
Tears they're stinging my eyes
No tears
If it's all in my head there's nothing to fear inside,
Through the darkness and the light
Some sun has gotta rise.

Winner Phase

Contest Winner Copy: Congratulations to @someone you've one [something cool]

Voting Phase

Finalists: Vote for your favorite finalist below

Submission Deadline: Aug. 9, 2013 Voting Begins: July 17, 2013

To Submit: Fans from all territories can submit. Upload your video to Youtube or Vine and Tweet a link with hashtag #SINGYYYOURHEARTOUT. The top 10 videos with the most votes will be the 10 finalists. Voting will begin July 17th and run through Aug 9th.